schultzing. Five individuals – one sound.

Established on the international scene, schultzing plays both sides of the Atlantic, north and south of the equator. Some of the groups’ highlights include performances at the international jazz festivals in Costa Rica and Peru. Stefan Schultze (piano), bandleader and WDR Jazz Prize Winner of 2010, studied in New York as did band members Peter Ehwald (saxophones and clarinet) and Peter Schwebs (bass). The cosmopolitan air of the band is reflected in their compositions and arrangements. Influences of vocal jazz, world music, and classical music meld into a new fascinating sound, making the group an extraordinary crossover project.

On their new album “federleicht” (featherlight) there is a lot to discover: urban jazz, arrangements in a big band sound and romantic duets with violin and piano. Right away the first notes of the title song of “federleicht” establish the sound the new album. Gently tender, a violin improvises the theme – soon the sound of the instrument is mixed with the singing of Hanna Jursch, who uses her voice like an instrument. The violinist, Mateusz Smoczynski, is one of the most interesting jazz musicians of the young generation in Poland and has been closely tied with the quintet since 2008. Light as a feather on this track, he drives his solos to the top and gives the rich detailed arrangements additional color on “In Gent” and “Karawahn.”

Jazz beats and rock grooves, Latin America and the Maghreb, melancholy poems and pop song lyrics – today, good music has it all. The trick is to deliver from the most varied sources and tie it together. The band schultzing does that – “federleicht.“